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Rely on Dr. Lisa Walker to take care of your optometric needs before and after your surgery. Pre- and post-operative care is necessary for attaining optimal vision. You'll get consultation on Cataracts, Lasik, ICL, corneal cross linking and many other eye diseases from our qualified staff. Dr. Lisa Walker, Optometrist is ideal choice for eye exams!

Buy new frames and lenses from us and get a 1-year manufacturer's WARRANTY on them. Visit us at 106 N. Main, Elk City, OK.

We are one of only a few offices in western Oklahoma to offer the optomap retinal exam. This previously unavailable medical technology assists in viewing the retina to detect early signs of eye disease as well as diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and cancer. This tests takes just minutes to perform and provides a permanent image that can be compared from year to year to detect disease at its earliest. It provides a 200 degree scan of the back of the eye, allowing a full view without dilation.


Schedule an appointment with our optometrist today and get detailed optometric consultation. Gift your family healthy and optimal vision! Call us at 580-243-2020 for emergency services.

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Eye disease statistics reveal that one person in the world goes blind in every five seconds. You'll be surprised to learn that 80% of blindness is avoidable, 60% is treatable and almost 20% is preventable. People with diabetes are more prone to suffer from blindness. Proper treatment, regular eye examinations and awareness can reduce the rate of blindness to a considerable degree.

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