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Quality eye care begins with routine eye examinations. Rely on Dr. Lisa Walker, our optometrist, for comprehensive optical services. Get your eyes examined for eye muscle function, color vision, peripheral vision, and refraction. Count on us for diagnosis and consultation on cataracts, glaucoma, hypertension and various other retinal diseases.

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We provide optomap retinal exams to detect eye diseases, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and hypertension. It allows a full view of the back of the eye without any dilation.

Complete eye examination

Depend on us for post-operative care. We work closely with ophthalmologists to provide consultation for Lasik and cataract surgery patients. Visit us at 106 N. Main, Elk City, OK 73644 today!

Post-operative care

Correct your vision and see the world better with our contact lenses and glasses. Choose from various brands of contact lenses like Acuvue, Bausch and Lomb and many more. Replace your old spectacles with our fashionable eyewear that's available at cost-effective rates. You'll get spectacles from reputable brands like Nike, Ray Ban, Coach, Michael Kors, Ted Baker, Flexon, Juicy Couture, Tura, Wiley X,TOMS, and more.  


What else? Get a 20% DISCOUNT on the purchase of your second pair of glasses. Breathe easy as all our frames and lenses have a 1-year manufacturer's WARRANTY with a few restrictions. Call 580-243-2020 to learn more!

Fashionable eyewear for clarity of vision

Comprehensive optical services for a clear vision

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